Volunteers are the cornerstones for events such as ours. The longevity of the Self-Transcendence Triathlon and Duathlon is due in a large part to the loyalty of its Volunteer Team. We believe we have the best group of volunteers at our event year in and year out. We have volunteers that have been with us for over 20 years!!!!

If you or any one from your family or friends want to be a member of our Volunteer Team, please let us know.You get a cool t-shirt, water bottle and a post-race meal!  
Q: How can I contact the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team?
A: Call the race information line at (250) 592-6211, contact us by fax at (250) 595-6268 or e-mail scmtinfo@shaw.ca 

Cheerful service Are you sure we can keep up?
Always there on race day-St. John Ambulance Total Body - FREE Massage
Let's get this straight..1/4 " to the left Food Tent Assembly
"What's on the menu this year"?
These stake pounders are heavy
"thousand and one, thousand and two..."
Let's get those bottles of water on ice ASAP
Paper work..  someones gotta do it!! The food tent is complete...
I can taste those pancakes already!
Sri Chinmoy
Founder and Inspiration for this event
Lots of directional arrows on the run
Oak Bay Bikes
Always available for last minute adjustments
Bouy, this is a tough job!!
This won't hurt....  did it? Personalized bike racks
Ooops we missed one!!!
Everyone smiles at this event And if you don't return the timing chip by midnight, we'll send out a search party
Like I said "Everyone smiles at this event"  Should have brought my fishing rod with me
Tri BC's 2013 Race Director of the Year
This may look easy but there are 200 lb weights on each end of the poles